Hairline Advancement- Hairline Lowering at solace clinic Pune,India

An overly high or very low hairline can actually dampen the beauty of a woman’s face and take all unnecessary attention instead of her lips or eyes even if they are beautiful. The hairline advancement/lowering procedure can lower the overly high hairline whether due to genetics, hair loss, or prior surgery such as brow lifts. Women with high forehead are the most common candidates for this procedure for shortening the high forehead. In addition, this opportunity can be used to actually change the shape of the hairline, making it more oval or rounded by filling in the upper temporal/side regions, creating a more feminine appearance.

Reasons for hairline lowering surgery:

  • Genetic hair loss leading to high forehead
  • Prior brow lift surgery making the forehead smaller
  • Hairline is much higher than desired from eyebrow level. The ideal distance of hairline from eyebrow is 5-7 cm.
  • Due to ageing eyebrows droop making the forehead higher.

hairline lowering procedure

There are two techniques that can be used to advance the hairline. Most common, is with hair transplants because it comes with many advantages. In this technique, as many as 2,800 or more hair grafts can be placed in a single procedure with natural appearing results

MaX FUE Technique or FUE hair transplant for hairline

The grafts, each containing 1 to 3 hair roots are taken from the back of the scalp with a motorized punch and with the help of implanters they are placed in the natural direction, angle and depth of growth, in front of as well as between the existing hairline hair in order to increase density. Most patients are fully presentable from next day and allowed to resume normal activities, including exercise and hair washing. The transplanted hair fall out after 3 weeks, and then start to regrow at 3 months. The final results will be seen in 6-9 months time. The hair can grow not only in areas that once had hair, but also in areas where hair never grew. The donor hair are taken from the back of the scalp and then they continue to grow for patient’s life. To provide a natural appearance, the hair are transplanted primarily one and occasionally two at a time, with the finest hair up front, the natural way the hairline hair grow. There are no risks or side effects involved in the FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT procedure. The donor site, from where the hair are removed, within a week without showing any visible decrease in the density.