Body to Head or scalp transplant is a procedure done when the availability of donor area is less in case of extreme grade of baldness or when the donor area is insufficient due to previous procedure. In this procedure the hair or the grafts are usually taken from the chest area and beard area. Beard area is the most preferred area as the texture is same as that of scalp hair. The areas which can be used as donor area are:

  • chest
  • beard
  • abdomen
  • underarms
  • pubic area
  • back

Procedure: The procedure is usually carried out under local anesthesia. The procedure is same as done for the extraction of scalp hair Except for the punch tool which is customized for the extraction of body hair. It requires special skill to extract the intact grafts from the body.


  • Body hair can be used when the donor area is insufficient
  • Body hair can be used to increase the density as filler
  • Can be used to restore eyebrows .